iTunes/MP3 Alarm Clock

What's New

Version 2 of iTunes Alarm Clock has been released, this completely rewritten update addes multiple alarms, recurring alarms, customizable alarm messages, an improved user interface, an improved song selection dialog, and more. I am no longer the sole author of this software, Geoff Basore assisted me on this project. Also because of the redesign, the program can now be made cross platform, a Mac OS X version is in the works, here is a little sneek peak.


iTunes Alarm Clock is an alarm clock application that will interface with iTunes and allow you to choose any song in your iTunes library to play at a certain time. This functions quite well as an alarm clock hence its name. Since the program invokes iTunes/Quicktime to play the music directly even DRM songs from the iTunes music store will play without problems. However do not worry if you do not have iTunes, the application can also play MP3 files directly, in which case it will use Windows Media to play the file.


I personally use this as my alarm clock to wake up in the morning. However it will work in any case were you need to be alerted of a specific time, and its always more fun having your MP3 collection availiable to choose something other than a beeper.

Screen Shots (Version 2)

screen1 screen2

Screen Shots (Version 1)

screen1 screen2

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
(For iTunes: Windows 2000/XP)
200 MHz or better processor


2.0Complete Rewrite, multiple/recurring alarms,customizable messages
1.0Initial Version


iTunes Alarm Clock 2.0 - Self Extracting Installer

iTunes Alarm Clock 1.0 - Self Extracting Installer